Mr. Upper Peninsula

The Mr. Upper Peninsula Pageant is a comedic event/contest, and cultural celebration, put on annually during Negaunee, MI’s “Pioneer Week” by PAAC at the Historic Vista Theater in Negaunee.  U.P. men are a unique breed.  This is a fun contest to find the best man to represent the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It will feature men from throughout the U.P. in a series of events competing for the crown, the title of Mr. Upper Peninsula, and other great prizes.  Think you’re man enough to represent the U.P???

Show us what you’re made of – there is something for EVERYONE at the Mister Upper Peninsula Pageant!!!


The date for the 2018 Mr. Upper Peninsula Pageant will be announced at the end of January 2018.



1) What are the qualifications?
A) Be at least 18 years of age
B) Born in OR currently lives in the U.P.
C) Male Gender
2) Where do we apply to be a delegate/contestant?
 Yeah, we’re working on catching up on getting information up on our brand new site, but the application works.
3) What does the contest consist of?
 Delegates will compete in the usual “pageant” categories of “Yooper Casual Wear,” “Yooper Formalwear,” “Yooper Swimsuit,” “Yooper Talent,” and off-stage & on-stage interview.
4) What makes each category “Yooper?”
 The answer is YOU DO. We don’t give our delegates or judges any real criteria, because it is they who make the show. Our answer is always, “You’re a Yooper, so you bring what you want to bring to the show.”We didn’t know how it would turn out in the beginning, and each year we find ourselves surprised!
5) Is there a fee to enter? Yes, there is a $25 entry fee due the day of the contest. All fees will be returned to contestants via prizes.
 The last two years have been a complete BLAST! A total embrace and perfect balance of all around REAL Yooper culture & comedy. What will the delegates bring to the stage this year? Who is Brady Skewis going to hand the crown off to? Could it be you?

Mr. Upper Peninsula 2017

Robert Kemp


Mr. Upper Peninsula 2016

Brady Skewis13575961_510234855849662_97526406076425912_o