Seussical 2017

Hello! My name is Sara and this summer I was given the privilege of directing the Peninsula Arts Appreciation Council summer musical, Seussical.  Many people have asked me what goes into making a theatrical production such as this come to life so I’ll tell you; a lot of hard work done by a great group of people.  It starts out by developing your production crew:  finding and securing a production coordinator, stage manager, assistant director, set builder, choreographer, sound and lighting directors.   Then, after  you and your team meet to discuss how you would like the show to look, sound, and feel you have auditions.  From my production crew and the board of PAAC,  I put together a team of 4 other people who were willing to help cast the show.  The members of this team came to the auditions and callbacks, some of them donating their time as they watched and listened to everyone who auditioned.  Now, the great thing about Seussical is the fact that it has so many roles that can be played by either boys or girls, young or old, or a combination of all of these.  Such flexibility is wonderful, but it doesn’t necessarily make it easier for your team to cast the show, as you see the amount of talent that comes into auditions.  After 5 hours of auditions, 2 hours of callbacks, and 2 more hours of deliberation, the potential cast is finally in place.   There are no small roles in this show. Each adult has been placed where the team thinks they will help the show be most successful and where they will hopefully help others to learn and grow in their talent and abilities.  The cast list is posted. Will they accept their roles? Some do, some don’t.  If they don’t, we thank them again for auditioning and encourage them to try out for other future productions at the Vista or in the area.  If they do, it’s time to get started. More later… 🙂

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