90 Years of Operations 2016: A Re-cap

We thought it very appropriate that in the Historic Vista Theater’s 90th Anniversary of Operations, along with the major changes that occurred last year, it was time to update our web presence to the level one should expect from a venue with such potential to be a beacon of arts and entertainment for the entire Upper Peninsula. Speaking of that 90th Anniversary Year of Operations, we also thought it was EXTREMELY important that we have a year of production incomparable to any since the PAAC started productions in 1975!

Our first major musical production Rodgers’ & Hammerstein’s OKLAHOMA! had an incredible run with more than a thousand people enjoying the show that included special reunion events for the cast of PAAC’s first ever production in 1975. July brought the crowning of BRADY SKEWIS as Mr. Upper Peninsula 2016, the Historic Vista Theater/PAAC winning Best of Show in both Negaunee’s Pioneer Days parade & Gwinn’s Fun Daze! We also had our final theatrical run of Superior (The Movie) before it became available on iTunes. In August, over 2000 people came out to see Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” People got the opportunity to see two great casts, each bringing a different feel to the show, over two consecutive weeks. It was one of the most successful shows in PAAC history. THANK YOU!

September brought our 90th Anniversary Celebration and Waiting for Wiig (IMDB). However, unfortunately we had to move to our sponsor Country Village Cinema 5 due to technical problems. Cabaret opened October 13 for a run of 8 shows.  Easily one of the highest quality productions in recent years at PAAC.  The crew of 17 actors, really put in the work to turn this show around very quickly (about 6 weeks), and at such a high level.  Sure, a big portion of the cast had professional experience, but undoubtedly impressive. Unfortunately, we had to cancel all of our movie screenings for the rest of the year, EXCEPT TGR’s “Tight Loose” on November 10th, where special arrangements had been made to bring in an outside projector. Jean Shepherd’s A Christmas Story opened December 8th, and was a HUGE hit, entertaining almost 1000 in just 1 weekend.

Overall, 2016 was a very successful year, despite some major road blocks.  We are looking ahead to 2017 excitedly, but we also know there is a TON of work ahead of us.   Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities and more chances to help bring the Historic Vista Theater back to the beacon of arts and entertainment it once was.  Again.

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